Hola Amigos...

We need to raise prices at our Babylon and Patchogue locations starting December 4, 2018 due to raising food costs and minimum wage increases. We’ve been fighting it for years but if you’d like your favorite taco joint to hang around, we have to make a few MINOR changes...
So here’s what’s up!

- Starting December 4, 2018, Taco Tuesday tacos will now be $2 a taco for Ground Beef and Buffalo Chicken tacos....the GOOD NEWS is that the Papas Taco will be added for all our veggie lovers ;)

The Rationale:
We haven’t touched our Taco Tuesday prices in six years. $1 then, $1 now. But wages have gone up 43% in that time and will continue to grow with the new year. Meanwhile, we’ve also absorbed the skyrocketing dairy, avocado, water and rent costs....

As Gwen Stefani put it, “This sh/t is bananas.”
We don’t like this any more then you do, and we hope you can understand.

We thank you for your continuous support and really appreciate you taco lovin’ humans!

Brooke, Steve, Tiff and The Swell Taco Team! #SwellTaco #SwellVibesOnly